Why Positive Thinking Can Be Damaging Your Business

Why Positive Thinking Can Be Damaging Your Business

I want to share with you why I think positive thinking is rubbish – in certain situations!

Let me emphasize a key point here.

Who's heard: “Hey listen, you've just got to think positive. You've just got to put the positive vibes out there and things will work out.”

Yet what happens if you're trying to put the positive vibes out there, but you're not dealing with the reality of what's occurring in your business and life? I'm not saying to be pessimistic here. In fact, being optimistic will almost always help you produce better results than being pessimistic. What I'm really saying is that when challenges show up in your business saying, “We’ll be right”, “she'll be right or “we'll get through this, just think positive”, doesn't cut it.

What does matter is dealing with the brutal facts, the reality of what's going on and to stay optimistic that you will succeed.

I wish to speak from personal experience. Over ten years ago in my business journey, I was experiencing some real challenges.  However, what I didn't do was deal with the brutal facts. What I didn't do, was tell my whole truth about the situation. I pretended that everything was okay on the surface, put a smile on my face, show up every day, and kept thinking that positive thinking was going to help me get through it. It didn’t! The rest of the story is for another time. What would have made the difference back then, was telling the whole truth to myself about the situation, my business, my health and ask for help.

So, can you tell yourself the truth about what is really occurring:

  • What is the status of your business cash flow?
  • What does your work pipeline consist of?
  • Which employees are not performing?
  • How’s your health and relationships?
  • Why are you under-pricing your services?
  • Why are you working 70-80 hours a week?

If you are hiding from the reality, get the support of someone who can understand your situation, tell the whole truth to them, whether that is PROTRADE United or another business mentor.

In the current business environment, some businesses are dealing with some of the toughest conditions that they’ve ever had to experience. This is not a time to hide from the truth or rely on positive thinking alone.

Business is like climbing Mount Everest. You can't jump out of the tent on Mount Everest when there's a blizzard going on outside and say, “Come on, guys. We'll be right. Let's just keep forging ahead”. You'll be dead in no time. What mountaineers must deal with, is the brutal facts. They will say, we'd like to be here; the snowstorm has set in, and we could be camped here for a few days. Let's use this time to refresh, recharge, and prepare mentally for what's ahead.

Business is similar. Use the time when challenges show up, to stop, reflect, get support, tell the whole truth, create a plan of action, then go out and take the positive steps forward.

If you like some support around how to deal with the challenges in your business, speak with one of the team at PROTRADE United.

Written by Jon Mailer
CEO& Founder

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