Retain Your Best People with These  Five Questions

Retain Your Best People with These Five Questions

In our current environment, retaining your key people is more important than who you are hiring moving forward. This is because, the things you put in place to keep your best people, are the very things that are important when promoting to attract great people moving forward.
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5 Unexpected Ways to Differentiate from the ‘Rest’ - Tradie Packs

5 Unexpected Ways to Differentiate from the ‘Rest’

Here are five ways that I have found that may help you stand out from the crowd. Create your own list and compare, as the main point of this exercise is to ensure you integrate these points in to your daily life.

The choice is yours, every single day.


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Case Study | JLT Solutions

How did Tradie Packs solve your challenges or concerns? 
Tradie Packs provided us with a logo revamp and branding that was professional and consistent across all our branding materials. They allowed us to showcase our company in a way that shows the fun and exciting parts of our team, whilst still staying true to our trade.

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18 Ways to Maximise Downtime in Your  Business - Tradie Packs

18 Ways to Maximise Downtime in Your Business

When your business is impacted by hold ups such as weather, re-scheduled jobs, and more recently COVID-19 challenges and restrictions, this could be a perfect time to use your teams labour to assist in other areas of the business. It is costing your business $70+ per hour to employ that ‘on the tools’ person. This is their hourly pay rate, plus the overhead component to employ that person.
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Case Study | Wycon Homes - Tradie Packs

Case Study | Wycon Homes

Before engaging Tradie Packs, what were the challenges / concerns you had with your current branding? Lack of consistency was our biggest problem but we definitely had a change of clientele we were trying to reach with a whole new approach to our message and online presence was needed.
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Five Steps to Crafting Your Business Future

“Ok Skipper!”“Yep, you! Where are we going? Where are we off to this year? In fact, where is the first stop?” Simple question. How would you answer?Would you jump on a boat, knowing that it is safe, and the skipper...

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Google Reviews - Your Currency of Credibility

Trust and credibility are a form of currency in the business landscape today. With people living in a progressively digital world, the ability to position your business quickly with credibility can be the difference between a potential customer choosing you...

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Are you Paying your Employees Enough? - Tradie Packs

Are you Paying your Employees Enough?

Salary is never the number one reason why quality employees will be loyal to your company, however, ensuring you pay them well can reap benefits in multiple ways. A high salary can never replace a great culture, training and development, career progression and acknowledgement/recognition. In fact, that can be the reason why in some companies (a high salary is paid mining as an example); to make up for a lack in these aforementioned areas.

In regard to wages, companies can operate more efficiently and become more productive if they pay wages above the award level. Here are four different theories on how applying this strategy may be beneficial.

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How to Confidently Increase Your Prices - Tradie Packs

How to Confidently Increase Your Prices

The thought of increasing your prices; not only if, but when, can be a source of
anxiousness for some business owners.Often fears and concerns that a price increase will see you lose out on business, is the main barrier to taking this step. Yet is this a fact, or is it just an illusion?

Below are some steps to consider when increasing your prices and how to do it

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