Miles Primrose - Australia’s Trades and Building Business Mentor

Since 1993 I have worked with trades and builders, from project managing large format shopping centre builds across Australia and New Zealand, to starting BusinessSight in 2003.

My vision in 2003 was to create the most comprehensive business program specifically for trades and builders in Australia and we have certainly surpassed that, at the same time delivering a program that is unlike school and fun to implement. This is one of the many reasons our clients get results faster.

Our Mission is for you to be as good at business as you are at your trade; thereby giving you the opportunity to see bigger business future.

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I am a massive believer in supporting females in the industry, one of the people I had the privilege of talking with is the founder of the Tradie Lady Club, Steph, also known as the Melbourne Chippy Chick.

Success Stories

Adam Lynikas
Beyond Heating and Cooling
I met knew of BusinessSight through one of my Mates, I had already signed up for the program before I met Miles and his team, from a very short time with working with the guys at BusinessSight I have gone from just me to a team of six of us on the tools and someone in the office, life is good

Mark Anderson
Anderson Project Management
I was looking for a builders business coach in Melbourne, I found out about BusinessSight in September 2008 from a radio ad on 1116 SEN AM. I remember meeting with Miles and he came across a bit blunt when myself and business partner first met with him.. This bluntness also continued when we were doing the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop, it was like someone had wacked you over the head with a 4 by 2, in a good way. Sometimes you need to hear or learn the business lesson from someone like Miles. I've looked back at this time over years and I now hear so many coaches trying to be your friend, Miles always said, I’m not here to be your friend and I don’t care if you don’t like me, I’m here for you to get the results you deserve. I now have my own construction & project management business and his workshop provided me with a great base to build from which I now still draw from. If you are looking at getting a builder’s business coach, or trades business mentor, call BusinessSight Mark Anderson, Anderson Project Management P/L

BusinessSight Success Stories 1

Justin Gomez
ANE Electrical
From working with Miles and the guys at BusinessSight, I have taken my business from myself plus one, too position where we now employ 26 electricians plus four in the office, the best thing you can do is get someone top help you that has heaps of experience of working with Trades, the other reason I went with BusinessSight is the massive team of specialists they have

Steve Lin
Prior to meeting Miles and engaging with BusinessSight, SL Insulation was a bit lost with the direction we were heading and was in a place where we were stagnant.

BusinessSight helped myself and my team with having a clear direction and understanding of clarity regarding linking personal goals with business and work.

I found BusinessSight very useful and rewarding with Miles speak regarding all aspects of business but also having professionals in those fields speak. The new contacts that were made was an extra bonus which I am very thankful for.
Anyone looking to have a mentor business coach, make sure to give Miles a call and have a chat. Team SL!!! 

BusinessSight Success Stories 2