A new brand of Sheds & Carports officially launches - Thanks Tradie Packs

A new brand of Sheds & Carports officially launches - Thanks Tradie Packs

Starting a new business is always a challenge, but it's especially daunting when you're in a highly competitive industry like the residential home improvement market. You not only have to worry about building a great product, but you also have to make sure your marketing and branding are top-notch. Fortunately, Modern Steel Buildings is up for the challenge. We recently contacted Tradie Packs to design a new logo and website, and we're excited to show it off to the world.

Here's how Tradie packs helped us:

We first contacted tradie packs to create for us a new brand, something that was different from most and a brand that would have a high impact on retail consumers. We wanted the brand to stand out and be remembered. Tradie packs got to work and provided several options. We wanted to go with something strong in nature, yet appealing to both men and women of young to mature age, as well as representing quality and excitement for the beginning of a customer journey.

 The logo was created as a real focus on the word modern, which we believe is what people want in their steel buildings. Our customers want to know they are receiving the latest designs and engineering with the latest trending building materials, and colour options. I have to say, I'm more than happy with the result. 

From there, Tradie packs designed for us a one-page website, which consisted of product categories and everything a one-page website would need. Again, we were super impressed with what was delivered. 

From there, we continued to develop the website in-house, to create a 45-page website with high-quality information aimed at educating the consumer and providing all the information they would need to make a purchasing decision. So,

What are we selling?

Modern steel buildings are a premier supplier of Sheds, Garages, and Carpoorts aimed at making the shed buying process easy for consumers. We do this by providing a price guide up-front in a catalogue along with images, information, and many pricing options. 

We have a massive range of Carports and Sheds that are designed as kits to be DIY easy, all bolt-together construction using all high-quality Australian steel and genuine Colorbond for the colour finish. 

It's with great pleasure that we officially launch our business, and we look forward to serving our customers with excellent service and products for many years to come and building a great business. 

Thanks again Tradie Packs for getting us started. 

Andrew Bennet

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